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I love to paint in watercolors and all my paintings are original.  I use artist quality watercolor paints, pencils and markers, and heavy artist quality watercolor paper.  Some examples of my botanical water color paintings are shown below.  The botanical watercolors are available at selected arts and crafts fairs where I will also be selling and autographing my children's books.  Please visit me at one of the Arts and Crafts fairs that I have listed on the calendar in the News & Events tab.


You will notice that all my watercolor paintings are signed 'Dee'.  Why did I not sign my last name?  Here is the answer.  During my lifetime I have had three last names, but I have been 'Dee' since birth.  When my parents argued over what they would name me, my grandfather said, "I don't care what you two name her, she will be called 'Dee'.  I was PawPaw's girl from that day forward.


To view my watercolor paintings, select one of the tabs under the Watercolor Art menu heading.

Dee Livers

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