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Please contact me for:

  • ordering signed copies of my books and watercolor art *

  • organizing book signing event

  • arranging story telling event

  • press and publicity inquiries

Dee Livers

* Ordering books and watercolor art:

  • If you are ordering a book and want your books to have a child's name included in the autographed copy, please include the child's name for each book ordered.

  • If you are ordering a watercolor picture, please list the name of the picture you wish to order.

  • I will contact you at the contact phone # you provide to arrange for payment and an address for shipping.  DO NOT include a debit/credit card number in the email message.

  • Debit/credit card sales will be handled as phone orders and the receipt for the sale will be sent to your email address.  Book and art orders will be shipped on the next available day by USPS.

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