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Poems by Dee Livers

These Last Few Hours

I wrote this poem in 1977 when my first child, Steven, was born.  Since then, it has been shared by many people across the United States and has been featured in literature from many hospitals as well as Lamaze classes and birth centers.  Even today you can see it featured in birthing blogs, etc.  Just Google the name of the poem and  you will see what I mean  I hope you enjoy it too


© 1977 by Dee Dee McColl (Dee Livers)

Steven, His First Step

If you are a parent, there is nothing more sweet-sad than watching your little one take that first step.  Toddling on their chubby legs is so cute, buty it also reminds you that they will all too soon be 'out the door'.  This how I felt when I wrote this poem.  'Steven, His First Step' was originally published in "Lyrical Voices, an International Poetry Anthology in 1979

© 1979 by Dee Dee McColl (Dee Livers)

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